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The aim of organizing Hack Summit 4.0, a 36-hour hackathon within Aaruush, a Techno-Management Fest, is to cultivate creativity, teamwork, and the enhancement of technical proficiencies among students. This event focuses on tackling real-world issues in areas such as  Generative AI, Industry 5.0,  Green Development, Web3 (Sustainable Banking Solutions using Web3), Investment Robo-advisor, and Sustainable BankingTo promote sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for a greener future.

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Aaruush, being one of the largest techno-management fests in the nation, serves as a comprehensive platform for talented and like-minded individuals who are poised to lead in the times ahead. Its illustrious heritage, symbolizing the dawn of innovation, has embarked on a journey of continual achievement.

Aaruush represents the student-led national-level Techno-Management Fest of SRM Institute of Science and Technology. Ever since its establishment in 2007, the remarkable history of the festival was inaugurated by the esteemed late President, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. This act laid the cornerstone and set the path for the upcoming milestones to conquer. The current year marks the seventeenth installment of Aaruush.


Defining The Project Scope

  1. Theme Identification: Begin by pinpointing a thematic area that offers a solvable problem. For instance, crafting a chatbot for streamlined customer support or formulating a recommendation system tailored to online shopping.

  2. Data Exploration: Engage in the exploration of intriguing datasets suitable for your project. This can encompass a wide range, from social media information to financial datasets.

  3. Ideation Process: Drawing from your problem statement and the amassed data, initiate a brainstorming phase either individually or collaboratively with your team.

  4. Problem Selection: From the array of generated ideas, opt for a specific problem that you intend to address. While making your choice, factor in the practicality and scalability of the proposed solution.

  5. Strategic Blueprint: Construct a comprehensive development plan outlining the trajectory of your project. Define the necessary tools and resources while also establishing significant milestones to gauge your progress effectively.


Submission Guidelines

For Round 1 (Shortlisting), participants are required to comply with the outlined criteria:

  1. During the registration phase, participants are expected to furnish a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation (PPT) elucidating their ideas. The PPT should span no more than 5 slides and should encompass details about the problem the idea addresses, the proposed solution, and the anticipated impact of the solution.
  2. In conjunction with the PPT, participants must provide a video that showcases the practical implementation of their idea's front-end. This video's duration should not exceed 5 minutes and should effectively illustrate the operational dynamics of the proposed solution.
  3. It is imperative that the submitted PPT and video be original creations by the participant, devoid of any copyrighted material.
  4. Participants retain the option to submit their ideas either individually or as part of a team, with team sizes accommodating 3 to 5 members.
  5. The stipulated deadline for idea submissions is[11:59 PM, 12th September 23]. Any submissions received beyond this deadline will regrettably be ineligible for consideration.
  6. An esteemed panel of judges will meticulously evaluate all submissions, singling out the most innovative, feasible, and potentially impactful ideas.
  7. Those teams whose ideas are selected will be promptly notified via email, extending an invitation to partake in the forthcoming hackathon phase, wherein they can further refine and develop their concepts.
  8. It is to be noted that the judges' determinations are conclusive, and no communication shall be entertained regarding the outcome of the selection process..
  9. By submitting their ideas, participants automatically agree to abide by the terms and conditions governing the hackathon.

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  1. Problem Statement: Precisely articulate the problem your project is designed to address.

  2. Solution Description: Elaborate on how your project effectively tackles the stated problem, incorporating the methodologies employed. This should encompass intricate insights into the algorithms, datasets, and models integrated into the project.

  3. Technical Details: Furnish technical intricacies pertaining to the development of your project. This encompasses the programming languages and frameworks employed, the system's architecture, and the integration of any external tools or libraries.

  4. Results and Evaluation: Expound upon the methodology used to assess your project's performance, encompassing relevant metrics that underscore its efficacy.

  5. Future Work: Delve into forthcoming strategies aimed at refining your project or expanding its functionalities.

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Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Uniqueness and creativity of the solution/application
  • Functionality
    How well the solution/application meets the requirements and objectives
  • Technical Excellence
    Quality of coding, architecture, and overall implementation
  • User Experience
    Intuitiveness, ease of use, and user-friendliness of the solution
  • Impact Potential
    Potential positive impact on the target audience and stakeholders
  • Scalability
    Ability to scale the solution/application for larger implementation
  • Practicality
    Feasibility and practical implementation of the solution
  • Interdisciplinary Team
    Collaboration and integration of different tracks/themes
  • Presentation
    Clarity, organization, and effectiveness of the pitch
  • Documentation
    Quality of project documentation, including code comments and README
  • Integration
    Integration with relevant technologies, APIs, or existing systems
  • Data Privacy
    Consideration and implementation of data privacy and security measures

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